Design Services
& Planning

We work with you to find smart solutions and create unique looks that provide you with a beautiful, livable space.

Our Professional Design Consultation Specialists Can Customize Any Space.

Included with the Purchase of your Cabinets

At Cerwood we help you take your ideas from inspiration to completion. Our in house designers are there to help measure, layout the design and select from the various finish options to create a beautiful, livable space.

About Our Design Specalists

Our professional designers work with you to plan the ideal cabinetry solution for your space. During your consultations we account for both your aesthetic tastes and usage needs to design a solution specific to your space. The end result is a beautiful customized room with smart storage solutions designed for your lifestyle.

The Custom Design Process

No matter the scale of your project the Cerwood design process follows these 5 simple steps:

1) Measure and plan your needs
2) Visit our show room and get inspired
3) Meet with our design consultants
4) Review and revise the design
5) Build and install


Get Inspired.

Browse our gallery of completed projects to get inspiration for your own kitchen, bathroom or custom project.

Measuring Guide.

How to accurately measure for your new project

We will do a final measure in your home prior to beginning construction of your cabinets. This way, if your dimensions are off by even a fraction of an inch we will catch it before building!


Map The Room Layout

Begin by drawing out a floor plan of the space. Include all walls, windows, doorways, and dot in any bulkheads or other architectural features.


Measure the Room's Height

Measure from the finished floor to the ceiling. Note this height in the center of your diagram. Be sure to measure the height of your bulkheads as well!


Wall, bulkhead & door widths

Measure the length of all the walls and bulkhead runs. For doors, include the casings as part of the doors dimensions, but also note the casing widths separately.


Note Window Positions & Heights

For windows, include the casing widths as part of the window’s dimensions. Also note the height of the window and the distance from the floor to the bottom of the window casing.


Include appliances & plumbing

If you decide not to move any appliances or plumbing, please measure from the nearest wall to the center of all appliances and sinks. Note these ‘center-lines’ on the diagram.


Obstructions & limitations

Be sure to note any obstructions or limitations in the room as well. For example: boxed-in pipes, telephone jacks or receptacles that cannot be moved, space for a table in an eat-in kitchen, etc.

Ready To Get Started?

Whether you are ready to to get your project started or are still in the brainstorming phase, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional designers or request a quote.