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What’s in and what’s out – 7 kitchen design ideas for 2019

The Best Looks in Kitchen Design for 2019


What’s in and what’s out for kitchen design this season? Read on to discover the best looks for the 2019 season.

1. In: Kitchens in Bold Tones and Colours / Out: Traditional Maple Wood

black and white kitchen design

A black and white kitchen is a beautifully bold statement

kitchen design

Add a little colour to your kitchen this year

Don’t be afraid to go bold in your kitchen this season. Bold is beautiful, especially when it comes to a stylish kitchen design. Gone are the days when every kitchen cabinet was a traditional maple or oak wood tone. The kitchens of 2019 are making a much bigger statement and they are doing so with dark, rich wood tones as well as blacks, greys, and blues. 


Combine your darker cabinets with pops of bright white or another fun accent colour for your countertops, light fixtures, appliances, chairs and trim for a beautifully fresh and jaw-dropping effect.

2. In: Open Shelves and Cabinet Doors / Out: Hiding Everything 

open cabinet doors

Display your treasured dishes with open cabinet doors

Use a combination of both open shelves and closed cupboards for the best of both worlds

Use a combination of both open shelves and closed cupboards for the best of both worlds

This next kitchen design idea is not just for the most organized people out there. The thought of having open shelving may scare you at first, but it doesn’t have to! Instead of making every cupboard door and every shelf open for all to see, you can strategically choose a select few and then have fun with those. This way you get the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the amazing appeal of having some of your coolest treasures on display while reserving the right to be a little more relaxed and messier behind a few closed doors. 

3. In: Matte Finishes / Out: Glossy Finishes

matte cabinets

A soft matte finish brings a more natural feeling to your kitchen design

Matte finishes on your cabinets are a popular trend in kitchen design this year. Whether you have them stained or painted, a soft, understated matte finish will give your cupboards a lovely, natural feel. You can still pair them with sparkling stainless steel appliances and a glossy countertop to give you a contrasting look.

4. In: White & Wood / Out: All-White

contrasting island

A contrasting island is a great way to break up the white in your kitchen

Choose darker lower cabinets to go with you white upper cabinets

White is still a great colour for your kitchen; it’s so fresh, crisp, and clean. But instead of going for a completely white kitchen, which can possibly feel a bit boring over time, the kitchen design trend for 2019 is combining your white with other colours or tones. One way to achieve this is to install white upper cabinets and then choose another tone such as grey for the lower ones.


If you really love all white colours, you could also break it up by selecting a different colour for your island and then installing a darker shade of wood or tile for your flooring

5. In: Mixed Metals / Out: Rose Gold

brushed steel hardware

Choose from a wide selection of mixed hardware

Rose gold has enjoyed the style limelight for jewellery, tech gadgets, and even home accessories since 2012 when if first hit the runways in Europe.  Rose gold hardware has enjoyed the limelight for long enough. Now it’s time for a few other metals to have their turn. The hottest kitchen designs for 2019 will be showcasing kitchen hardware made from a variety of different metals and finishes such as brushed steel, brass, black, copper, and gold.


When you are choosing hinges and drawer slides, make sure you find out what features are available, and which would best suit your cabinets. You can usually choose from soft or standard close, full or partial extension slides, and side or under-mounted slides.

6. In: Full-Wall Backsplashes / Out: Short Backsplashes

full-height backsplashes

Don’t stop halfway – install your backsplash all the way up 

subway tile backsplash

Subway tiles are still very popular this season 

Move over backsplashes that only come partially up your wall, full-wall backsplashes are here to stay! A backsplash can be an incredible kitchen design feature, so make yours really stand out. Don’t just stop part of the way up your wall; go all the way. 


Subway tiles are still hot for kitchens this season, but other designer tiles are also popular. If you want a kitchen that is your own style, then choose a backsplash tile to match. How about a lovely diamond pattern or even a smaller glass tile? If you budget doesn’t allow for a full wall of expensive tiles, then you can tile a small portion of your backsplash with your favourite tile and then fill in the rest with a less expensive option that will complement and highlight your more expensive choice.

7. In: Multi-Purpose Islands / Out: Bulky, One-Purpose Islands

multi-function kitchen island

Make your kitchen island multi-functional

kitchen islan

An island can be used for more than extra counter space 

The kitchen island has become a staple in most modern and updated kitchens and for very good reason. They give you extra counter space, and who doesn’t need extra counter space? Well, the good news is that the island is still on our “in” list; the better news is that it is new and improved. 


How can you improve on this already great idea? Make it multi-purpose. Instead of an island that is just designed for extra counter space, add great features like extra seating, a double seat, a microwave cubby, and of course, lots of extra storage space. 

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