If you’re looking to give your kitchen a facelift, here are the top 7 kitchen design videos to help get you started. Check out these great ideas and then contact Cerwood Custom Cabinetry to help you bring your awesome kitchen design to life.

Top 7 Kitchen Design Videos

Find out the latest trends in kitchen design

Summary: This great kitchen design video is full of beautiful pictures of luxury kitchen layouts from some of the most impressive homes around. It includes an easy-to-follow listing of all of the top kitchen trends for 2019. You’ll find that the video is well paced with a good combination of wide-angled and up-close images.


Why It Makes the List: This video will let you in on all of trendiest kitchen design tips for this year including: incorporating matte black cabinets and gun metal hardware , installing black grid glass windows, and hanging statement pendant lighting.


Run Time: 3:07 minutes


Producer: Emmett Leo Homes


If you like modern kitchens, here are 61 different styles to get you inspired

Summary: If modern is your kitchen design style of choice, then this is the perfect video for you. You’ll see a vast array of kitchen layouts that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else. You’ll also see some truly lovely colour palettes and unique combinations from shockingly bright primary hues to the more muted earth tones.


Why It Makes the List: The custom kitchen cabinets especially are truly amazing with customized shapes that range from ultra curvy to straight crisp lines made from a wide range of materials and textures.


Run Time: 3:58 minutes


Producer: Home Art and More

Take a walk through a designer's own kitchen and learn how he made it incredibly functional and pretty

Summary: This next video hosted by designer P. Allen Smith, gives you 7 helpful tips for making you kitchen both stylish and functional. No one wants a kitchen that is really pretty but you can’t easily work in, so here’s how you can have both. He shows how he set up his kitchen into three main sections: hot, water, and cold with 7 separate workstations where a total of 7 people can work to prepare a meal together.


Why It Makes the List: The designer takes you on a tour of his actual kitchen and he explains why he put things where he did.


Run Time: 5:14 minutes


Producer: ehowhome

Is your kitchen really small? No problem - here are some great ideas for you!

Summary: If your kitchen is small, you may find it challenging to find a kitchen design that will let you fit in everything that you want. This video will give you some great ideas for smaller and even micro-sized kitchens. You don’t have to sacrifice style because of your lack of space.


Why It Makes the List: Most videos highlight kitchen designs for massive, magazine-style kitchens. This video isn’t afraid to show some lovely layouts for the tiniest of spaces.


Run Time: 8:29 minutes


Producer: DecoNatic

Add a backless kitchen cabinet in front of your window to gain more space

Summary: In this next kitchen design video, designer Rebecca Robeson offers you some great kitchen decorating ideas including kitchen decorations, how to pick your countertops, flooring, cabinets, and so much more. She also gives you some very creative tips on how to make the most of the space in your kitchen, like placing a backless cabinet in front of your window.


Why It Makes the List: The tips given in this video will help you design and remodel any kitchen. She encourages you to pick the backsplash that goes behind your cook-top first; this will be your “wow” statement.


Run Time: 11:57 minutes


Producer: Robeson Design

Here are some great practical tips for design your kitchen

Summary: Karen Sealy, owner of Sealy Design Inc., will give you some very practical things that you need to think about as you determine your kitchen design, such as taking into account the direction the doors on your fridge to make it easier to access. She discusses the best layout for your appliances and how to choose a fridge that allows you to change the interior layout to suit your particular needs.


Why It Makes the List: This video is super practical with some great organizational tips as well


Run Time: 6:16 minutes


Producer: Citytv

Learn some helpful design tips from an architect

Summary: Architect and interior designer Zahira Cury, founder of the online design magazine, D. Signers, walks you through some great kitchen renovation tips including top interior design tips and trends for a contemporary kitchen. She lets you know what is in for colours, finishes, details, materials, countertops, cabinets, and styles to help you make your space more beautiful and up-to-date.


Why It Makes the List: This video if full of lots of high resolution images of beautifully decorated contemporary kitchens and the tips and ideas come at an easy-to-follow and entertaining pace.


Run Time: 7:15 minutes


Producer: D. Signers

You Can Trust Cerwood for a  Kitchen design you’ll love!

At Cerwood Custom Cabinetry, we can help you with your kitchen design. Our expert designers can make your kitchen a truly beautiful space. We have a wide variety of design options to make your kitchen perfectly match your needs. They include:

  • A large selection of wood species and finishes to choose from
  • Custom stain & paint options
  • Decorative & functional hardware to set your design apart from the ordinary
  • Built-in storage systems to suit any preference and offer ease of use

We also offer free estimates including a design package complete with a quote and 3-D drawings of the proposed finished look. Contact Cerwood today for your free, no obligation estimate.

Cerwood has been servicing the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Stratford region with exquisite custom cabinetry for your entire home for more than 25 years! All of our custom cabinetry is manufactured locally which means that when you choose us, you will receive quicker more efficient service and you will be supporting your local economy.

Our own installers will install your custom cabinetry; we do not subcontract this job out. That means that our installers are completely familiar with our products, so they know how to install them quickly and correctly.

Other Services Cerwood Offers

Not only do we design, manufacture, and install custom cabinetry for your kitchen, but we can also help you with every other room in your home. Whether you need cabinets for your

We work with you to custom design the perfect units for your space. We can even build beautiful cabinets for your garage, workshop, home office, or bar. If you can dream it, we can build it. 

In addition, we can provide you with quality servicing for your existing cabinets.

bathroom cabinets

Aimee at Cerwood worked with us to design new cabinets for our kitchen & bathroom. We were so impressed with her creativity and suggestions for reworking the layout of our main floor, and never imagined we could have such a showpiece in our home! The installers are all very professional, polite, and talented. We would recommend Cerwood & Family to anyone looking for a high end kitchen, at a reasonable price! We absolutely LOVE our kitchen!

– Cathy and Steve B.

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