How much do custom made kitchen cabinets cost? On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $7,500 to $35,000 for custom made kitchen cabinets. At Cerwood, we have the experience and the expertise to provide you with beautiful and affordable custom cabinets. Get started renovating your kitchen today with Cerwood!

the cost of custom made kitchen cabinets all you need to know

Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets Cost

It’s hard to put an exact price on what custom made kitchen cabinets actually cost. This is because the final price you pay depends on a number of factors including:

The size of your kitchen: The larger your kitchen, the more cabinets you will probably want and need. Each cabinet will add to the cost.

The complexity of the installation: If you have to remove old cabinets or if you want to add plumbing or electrical wiring, or if you want to move your sink to a kitchen island, this will also cost you more.

The types of materials to make the cabinets and the hardware: Higher quality materials will cost more, but they will last longer.

custom made kitchen cabinets

Extra features and add-ons will affect your final cost

How much customization you want: If you want to add additional features and add-ons, your total price will increase.

The location of the job site, delivery, and accessibility: If you are located in a remote area, then you may pay more to cover the travel expenses of your installers. If your cabinets are being made in a remote location, they may also cost more.

Please note: US prices have been adjusted by 30% to reflect Canadian prices.

On average you can expect to pay anywhere from $7,500 to $35,000 for custom made kitchen cabinets. The average linear foot price for custom cabinets is about $910, which includes your materials, labour, hardware and accessories. About 75% of a custom build cost goes to the labour to both construct and install your cabinets.


Customization lets you make your kitchen unique

Extra Custom Features and Add-Ons will Increase Your Cost

Additional features and add-ons can really help to both personalize the style and optimize the functionality of your custom made kitchen cabinets, but they will increase the total price you pay. You can always purchase most of these features after your initial installation, but you probably will end up spending more than if you incorporated them into the original design.

Some of the available extra features include:

  • Crown moulding
  • Interior lighting
  • Glass doors or glass inlays
  • Corbels – decorative supports jutting out from a wall
  • Decorative wood inlays
  • Knife block and stemware rack
  • Pull-out spice rack or lazy Susan
pull out spice rack and bins

Pull out spice and bin racks are a great addition to your kitchen and worth the extra cost

Types of Materials Available and How They Affect the Cost

There is a wide range of materials and material qualities to choose from when selecting your kitchen cabinets. Generally speaking, the higher the price tag, the better the quality of the material and the longer they will last.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard):

MDF is the least expensive material and is usually found in the off-the-shelf versions of standard kitchen cabinets. An average kitchen installed with standard MDF cabinets can range anywhere from $2,600 to $9,1000.


Steel cabinets are very expensive. They will cost somewhere between $1,300 and $1,950 per linear foot. That equals about $32,500 to $49,400 for an average kitchen of 25 linear feet.

custom cabinets

High-end plywood is extremely durable and an excellent choice for your kitchen cabinets

High-end Plywood:

This is a type of laminated wood that resists warping and shrinking better than solid woods. Almost all custom made cabinet boxes are made from this furniture-grade plywood with real wood veneers. Wood veneers are laminated onto the boxes and are usually the same type of wood that is used in the other parts of the construction. This is so that the veneer and the real wood portions will match perfectly.

Quality plywood is a superior choice for custom made kitchen cabinets because of its great durability. An average kitchen with 25 linear feet of high-end custom cabinets may cost between $16,250 and $21,125.

kitchen island with sink

Custom made kitchen cabinets are better made than off-the-shelf units

Advantages of Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets

There are many advantages to purchasing custom made kitchen cabinets. Choosing custom cabinets means that:

  1. You can choose and design your own layout for your cupboards.
  2. You can select the type and quality of material that they are made from.
  3. Your cabinets will be of superior construction.
  4. You can choose the types of finish used for your cabinets.
  5. You can select the style and material for all your hardware. You don’t have to worry if your kitchen is non-standard; you get cupboards built to fit your space.
  6. You’ll have a completely one-of-a-kind kitchen with limitless options
local custom cabinetry

Trust Cerwood to build your beautiful custom made kitchen cabinets

Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets by Cerwood

Custom Cabinet Experts: You can trust Cerwood to manufacture and install beautiful custom made kitchen cabinets for you. At Cerwood Custom Cabinetry, we have been servicing the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Stratford region with exquisite custom cabinetry for your entire home for more than 25 years! 

Made Locally: All of our custom cabinetry is manufactured locally in our New Hamburg facility, which means that when you choose us, you will receive quicker more efficient service and you will be supporting your local economy.

Built to Last: All of our custom cabinetry is backed by numerous manufacturer warranties, along with Cerwood’s own 1-year in-home warranty. Hinges & drawer slides all hold lifetime warranties (25 years).

Free Estimates: We will provide you with free estimates by our professional designers, including a design package complete with a quote and 3-D drawings of the proposed finished look.

Services We Offer

Cerwood offers you a wide range of services, including custom cabinetry for your:

We can also provide you with quality servicing for your existing cabinets. Contact Cerwood today for your free, no-obligation estimate.

Aimee at Cerwood worked with us to design new cabinets for our kitchen & bathroom. We were so impressed with her creativity and suggestions for reworking the layout of our main floor, and never imagined we could have such a showpiece in our home! The installers are all very professional, polite, and talented. We would recommend Cerwood & Family to anyone looking for a high end kitchen, at a reasonable price! We absolutely LOVE our kitchen!

– Cathy and Steve B.

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