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HOW to Measure Your Space


We will do a final measure in your home prior to beginning construction of your cabinets. This way, if your dimensions are off by even a fraction of an inch we will catch it before building!

  • Begin by drawing out a floor plan of the space. Include all walls, windows, doorways, and dot in any bulkheads or other architectural features.
  • Measure from the finished floor to the ceiling. Note this height in the center of your diagram. Make sure to measure the height of your bulkheads as well!
  • Now start in one corner of your room, and begin to measure all doorways, windows, walls, and bulkhead runs. HINT: When measuring windows and doors, include the width of the trim casing on either side. Also, separately note the width of just the casing. For windows, please note the height of the window, as well as the distance from the finished floor to the bottom of the window casing.
  • If you decide not to move any appliances or plumbing, please measure from the nearest wall to the center of all appliances and sinks. Note these 'center-lines' on the diagram.
  • Be sure to note any obstructions or limitations in the kitchen as well. For example: boxed-in pipes, telephone jacks or receptacles that cannot be moved, space for a table in an eat-in kitchen, etc.

Helpful Tips

Top 5 Tips when Purchasing Cabinets

Quality Cabinet Construction

Cabinets should be constructed from a good quality substrate. Plywood construction is the best, and should be 3/4″ thick material, and prefinished. Plywood is lighter in weight than other materials, and is more resistant to water, staining, and chipping.
With Melamine interior cabinets, thickness of particle board material should be no less than 5/8″. Melamine should be a higher grade, to reduce chances of chipping and delaminating.

Interesting Fact: Cerwood & Family offers plywood construction for the same cost as prestige melamine/particle board.

Quality Hardware with Lifetime Warranty

Having good quality hinges and drawer slides is imperative in order to guarantee a long life span for your cabinets. Hinges & Slides should come with a Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer, and you should be able to have your cabinet supplier execute the warranty for you.
Both hinges and drawer slides are available with different features (soft close vs standard; full vs partial extension slides; side mounted vs undermounted slides). It’s important to understand which drawer systems are available to suit your needs, the strengths and weaknesses of each, and to make sure the cabinet supplier can provide and warranty them.

Quality Drawer Box Construction

Drawer boxes should be solid wood w/ front & back dovetail joints, or a combination of metal & a substrate (plywood or melamine).
Solid wood drawers (dovetail drawers) are generally maple or birch. The dovetail joints should be tight with adequately sized/spaced tenons. Drawer bottoms should be at least 1/2″ thick. Dovetail drawers have the most variety and flexibility in drawer box heights, and usually come with undermount full extension, soft close slides.
Combination metal/substrate drawers (like Metabox® or Tandembox® by Blum) have metal sides, with a substrate bottom & back.
Metabox® is a good quality entry level drawer system, with options for 4″ or 6″ high drawer boxes and side mount slides. Soft close is offered as an add-on to these drawers.
Tandembox® and other similar systems generally come with undermount full extension, soft close slides (similar to dovetail drawer slides). However, they have 3″ sides, and require add on pieces to build up the sides of deep drawers, which can get costly.
Avoid drawers that are all substrate, and stapled or pinned together, and drawers that have butt joints, rather than dovetail joints. These systems are not as strong, and generally have low capacity side mounted slides.


Because your cabinets have water resistant vinyl laminated interiors, you do not need to line them with shelf paper. Instead, wipe them with a soft cloth in the same way that you wipe down the exteriors.

Interesting Fact: Cerwood & Family manufactures our own dovetail drawers, offering a wide range of wood types and sizes, at a very budget friendly price!

What Should I Look for When Deciding on a Custom Cabinetry Supplier?

Cabinet suppliers should employ their own installers & designers, rather than subcontract these positions. When these skilled positions are subcontracted, there is much less accountability placed on the designer/installer. They also often are not as familiar with the manufacturer’s products, which can create delays and incorrect installation/applications.


Ideally, cabinet suppliers should manufacture as much of their own products as possible. This allows for much greater versatility, and usually better pricing. They also have a better knowledge of materials and machinery, and can typically service your cabinetry better in the following years.


Keep it local! Aside from supporting your local economy, there are many other benefits to working with a local shop. Small businesses do not survive if they do not uphold a good reputation. Ask suppliers where their products are manufactured, and how long they have been in business. This will give you a good idea of whether they will be able to continue to service your cabinetry should any warranty issues arise in the upcoming years.


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Aimee at Cerwood worked with us to design new cabinets for our kitchen & bathroom. We were so impressed with her creativity and suggestions for reworking the layout of our main floor, and never imagined we could have such a showpiece in our home! The installers are all very professional, polite, and talented. We would recommend Cerwood & Family to anyone looking for a high end kitchen, at a reasonable price! We absolutely LOVE our kitchen!Cathy and Steve B.

I am extremely delighted with my new Cerwood kitchen! I found the designer, Aimee Bender, to be extremely creative and accommodating when I had some special requests for matching my new island to my existing buffet and hutch, and then tying in my cherry cabinetry by adding some special finishes. My new kitchen lay-out is much more functional than my old kitchen, which makes meal prep and hosting dinner parties so much more enjoyable! The production and installation people were all very professional and took great care to do an excellent job! I wouldn’t change a thing! Denise B.

All I can say is WOW! Love it!!! Looks fantastic!!! Kim S.


I recently had your cabinets installed in my kitchen, by your employee Derek and his assistant. I am pleased to inform you that the work was done on time and in a very professional manner. I wish to congratulate you and your company on a job well done.
Thank you.
Gabi T

We are loving the kitchen, and how friendly the crew are when they have come to install!
Ashley R.

New kitchen looks great! You and your team have done a great job. My wife & I thank you.
Luc S.