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Plan Your Project: Part 3 - Create Your Kitchen Floorplan

In Part 3 of our Plan Your Project Series, we’re going to help you choose your kitchen floorplan. Selecting the right kitchen floorplan for your situation can make a big difference to the overall look and functionality of your space – that’s why we want to help! We’ll show you the most common kitchen floorplans available and help you see which style works best for each layout. Let’s get started!

Which Kitchen Floorplan Is Right for You?​

The Kitchen Work Triangle Theory

work triangle
kitchen floorplan

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The kitchen work triangle is extremely efficient

The kitchen work triangle is a classic and probably most well-known concept behind many kitchen layouts. The idea is that you want to locate your three most-used appliances/fixtures  close together in a triangular pattern.

The benefit of this concept is that you minimize the amount of movement needed to go back and forth between your appliances.

The great thing about this layout is that it requires less effort when you are working in your kitchen. You can quickly pivot from your fridge to your stove to your sink without extra steps.


Best for: This concept in kitchen design works well in many different kitchen layouts but is probably best in small to medium sized kitchens that don’t have an island.

1. Single Wall Kitchen Floorplan

single wall kitchen

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The single wall floorplan is often found in smaller kitchens

In the single wall kitchen floorplan, all of your appliances, counters,and cabinets are located along one wall. This type of layout is usually found in smaller kitchens.


Because of the smaller space, your meal prep is relatively simple because everything you need is within easy reach and you don’t have to move very far to get what you need. Single wall kitchens do have a challenge of having very limited counter space because your appliances will take up so much room.


Best for: This layout works best in studio and smaller apartments and in homes where the kitchen area limited. It is best suited for one cook at a time as the working space is minimal.

2. Galley or Corridor Kitchen Floorplan

galley kitchen
galley kitchen

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A galley kitchen is long and narrow

A galley kitchen is long and narrow, resembling a hallway. It has two straight work areas on either side. You can have two walls on either side of your galley layout or you can have one wall with a kitchen island acting as the other side of your galley “wall”.


The galley kitchen is another highly efficient layout in terms of preparing meals. It is so efficient that most restaurants adopt this style. In this kitchen layout, you can make the most of a relatively small area by alternating the placement of your cabinets, counters, and appliances.


The galley kitchen works best if you can place your sink on one side and your stove on the opposite side. Even though it is highly efficient for preparing food, it doesn’t give you room for your family and friends to hang out while you are prepping.


One solution to this is if you have the kitchen island as you galley layout you can incorporate seating on the far side of your island for others to “hang-out.”


Best for: This layout works best in smaller spaces and restaurants.

3. L-Shaped Kitchen Floorplan

l-shaped floorplan
l-shaped kitchen

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The L-shaped kitchen floorplan works well with an island

The L-Shaped kitchen floorplan is, like it’s name suggests, laid out in the shape of an “L” in a corner of your room. It usually has one wall of cabinets including your sink or stove perpendicular to another wall of cabinets that has your other appliances.


Often one wall is shorter than the other but they also may be of similar size. A kitchen island fits in well in this type of layout and will give you a great extra central storage and work space.


Best for: This layout works well in an open concept kitchen and is great for entertaining because it often opens out onto another living space like your family room.

4. U-Shaped or Horseshoe Kitchen Floorplan

U-shaped floorplan
u-shaped kitchen

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The kitchen work triangle is extremely efficient

A U-shaped kitchen layout is like having a galley kitchen with one of the ends walled-in. This kitchen floorplan will give you oodles of extra counter and cabinet space, which is always a big advantage. This layout is also great for connecting to the rest of your home as it has one open side.


U-shaped kitchens are designed for one primary cook and are usually smaller in size. You can make your U-shaped kitchen more open by converting one of the walls into a peninsula instead of a full height wall and removing the upper cabinets.


Best for: This layout works well in smaller spaces where you want maximum storage.

5. Functional Kitchen "Zones"

kitchen zones
kitchen zones

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Kitchen zones are great for larger kitchens

If your kitchen is larger and you like to have multiple cooks preparing meals at the same time then setting it up into different work zones may be a good choice.


For example, you could have one zone devoted to food storage, one devoted to food prep, one devoted to cleaning, and another devoted to eating.


It is helpful to keep in mind the “work triangle” when you are setting up your zones. It would be a good idea to locate your cooking zone close to the food prep and storage zones.


Best for: This type of kitchen floorplan works well in a larger kitchen that has room for an island and pantry, and if you like to have lots of people working together to prepare your meals.

Factors that Will Affect Your Kitchen Floorplan

family cooking together

The size of your family may affect the floorplan you choose

Several factors will influence the type of floorplan that you choose. You should take the following into consideration when making your decision:


1. Your budget: If you are on a limited budget then you may need to choose a kitchen floorplan that requires fewer major changes like removing and adding walls.


2. Where current appliances are: If you don’t want the added expense or hassle of moving your appliances, then choose a kitchen floorplan that works well with their current location.


3. Plumbing and Electrical: Your plumbing and electrical can also be expensive and time consuming to move. Take this into consideration when choosing your floorplan.


4. Your lifestyle: If you are single or prefer to cook alone, then one of the smaller kitchen layouts might work well for you, however, if you have a large family and like to cook together you may need a layout that accommodates multiple cooks.

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