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Plan Your Project - part 1

In Part 1 of our Plan Your Project series, we’ll be taking a look at some awesome kitchen inspiration! The first step to planning your project is knowing what you want – and we can help with that! Browse the gallery below to get great ideas, or reach out to us to learn more. 

Part 1: get Kitchen inspiration

The most important first step when planning your kitchen renovation is to collection kitchen inspiration. It’s hard to plan for your own reno if you don’t even know what you want or like! If you’re not sure where to go for inspiration, we’ve compiled a listing of the best places to look, and we’ve included a few ‘inspo’ galleries of our own! 

where to find kitchen inspiration

Browse home improvement websites

  • If you’re looking for a wide range of kitchen ideas, Houzz is a great place to start. You can take a look at kitchens completed by local contractors, or see kitchen designs from all over the world!

When it comes to HGTV, you can choose to tune into the TV channel, or browse the many galleries and videos listed on their website to find all kinds of kitchen inspiration. From kitchen island ideas to rustic decor for your kitchen, you won’t run out of inspiration any time soon!

Pinterest is a great place to go for kitchen inspiration because you can create your own boards (basically, a collage) of images you like! Here, you can find kitchens you love and ‘pin’ them to your boards. Pinterest can help you find awesome ideas that suit your unique style. Plus, many other design websites will have a “pin it” button, that allows you to save their images directly to your Pinterest boards!

House Beautiful is a blog similar to HGTV. It showcases galleries and lists covering everything from kitchens to backyards to bedrooms and bathrooms. There are lots of kitchen galleries for you to explore, and there is something for every style!

get inspiration from local businesses

Don’t underestimate the power of a gallery or portfolio! Local designers and contractors love to showcase their best work – and you can use that to help you get your own kitchen inspiration! 



Sometimes, businesses will also have a blog on their website, filled with inspiration posts that have done all the hard work of finding great ideas for you. Plus, if you love the work done by a local business, you may even up up choosing to work with them when you’re ready to renovate. 



You can check out some of our recent kitchen inspiration articles and galleries to see what we mean!

Visit showrooms

Getting inspiration from the internet is a great thing. There are hundreds of thousands of resources available right at your fingertips. However, though the internet is a good place to start getting ideas, it’s always best to get inspiration in-person too. 

A picture may look amazing, but when you see that same idea in person, with real lighting and dimension, your opinion might change. Once you have an idea in mind, it’s a good idea to visit a few showrooms. 

It’s best to check out businesses that you actually might work with, so you get the most accurate ideas (for example, you probably wouldn’t want to visit a showroom from a company that is way outside of your budget, since those ideas might not work for your kitchen). 

When visiting a showroom, make a mental note (or even bring along a little notepad) and think about things such as: 

What do I like? What are my favourite looks, materials, and designs? 

What don’t I like? What materials or styles do I want to avoid? 

What materials are available? Of these materials, which ones can I afford?

– What are the pros and cons of the materials that I like? 

– What items or design elements are a ‘must have’ for me? 

– What items or design elements are a ‘would like’ for me? 

– What items or design elements best suit my lifestyle? 

If you aren’t sure how to answer some of these questions, like what are the pros and cons of certain materials, it’s a good idea to ask a professional. Or, you can do some additional research on your own to help you decide between certain materials or styles. 

Book a Consultation

The last thing you can do to get kitchen inspiration (and to potentially begin moving forward with your kitchen renovation project) is to book a consultation with a contractor.


During a consultation, many businesses will actually come to your home – which means they’ll get to see your kitchen, and be able to recommend realistic ideas and suggestions based on your preferences. 


When speaking to your potential renovator in person, this is a great opportunity to show them the designs you like and the look you want to achieve. They can recommend materials and products that look similar to your desired style!


They’ll also be able to provide you with various price-points and let you know if your wants and needs are realistic for your budget.

Find Inspiration Now!

Looking to get started collecting your own kitchen inspiration ideas? Take a look at some of the images we’ve compiled below to get started!

Bold, blue kitchen cabinets

Bold is in this year, and so is the colour blue! If you’re looking for a simple and modern way to add a touch of colour to your kitchen, these blue kitchen ideas may be just what you’re looking for! One of the best things about blue is that it comes in so many variations – and they all look great!

awesome kitchen island designs

The kitchen island is one of the most versatile parts of the kitchen. You may choose to skip it altogether, but if you’re planning on adding or redesigning an island, it’s best to get some ideas!

Kitchen decor ideas

When looking for kitchen inspiration, you’ll also want to take a look at decor! After all, you will either be decorating using your existing decor, or looking to buy something new. Decor is part of your kitchen’s unique style, so you should take that into consideration when planning your project. 

Source: Pinterest.com

Source: Pinterest.com

Source: Dmitry Zvolskiy

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