In this article, we’ll take a look at 7 clever ways to organize with cabinet doors!


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Here, we’ll uncover these 7 unique cabinet door organization ideas, and show you how easy they are to use in your own kitchen. Let’s get started now!

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Make the most of your cabinet doors by using them as an organizational space!


1 - Simple grocery bag storage

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Grocery bags can be one of the hardest items to store in your home! Many of us continue to reuse them over and over again, but have no convenient place to put them. 


This great idea from Polished Habitat not only encourages reusing old plastic grocery bags, but even puts an old tissue box to use! 


Fasten a square-shaped tissue box to the back of your cabinet door, fill with your old grocery bags, and you’ve got the perfect storage space – plus, it makes it easy to reuse your plastic bags, which is much better for the environment!

2 - easy access cutting board storage

How many times have you reached in to grab a cutting board or two, only to have them flop over, slip out of your hard, or knock over another item in your cabinet? 


Cutting boards are thin and shouldn’t take up a lot of space, but they are often difficult to store. If you keep them flat, you end up taking up too much space in your cabinet. If you store them on their sides, they tend to fall over!


This amazing idea from That’s What Che Said is a great way to utilize your cabinet door space and store your cutting boards in a way that makes sense for their size and shape!

3 - quaint measuring cup organization

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Looking for a convenient way to store your measuring cups and spoons? This quaint idea comes from blogger Princess Pinky Girl, and is perfect for those who tend to lose small items like measuring spoons in their drawers or cabinets!

For extra help, you can also add in the cute decals that show you common measurement conversions – perfect if you don’t want to constantly search Google every time you bake a new recipe!

4 - ultimate cabinet organization

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Why store just one item on your cabinet doors when you can make the most out of the entire space? This great idea from the Jenna Burger Design blog shows just how much you can do even with small cabinet doors. 

Small, narrow shelves are the perfect place to store spices, seasonings, and even items such as food colouring. To stay organized, you can also keep note pads or recipes readily available right on your cabinet doors. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated to organize with cabinet doors – if you like this idea but it feels a bit too cluttered for you, stick to organizing one or two items at first, and then add on as necessary. 

5 - cleaning supply caddy

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Another great idea from Polished Habitat, this simple storage caddy takes up little space, is easy to install, but can make a huge difference when it comes to kitchen cabinet organization.


It can be difficult to keep track of small items like sponges and cleaning cloths. They tend to get lost in cabinet drawers, pushed underneath larger items and misplaced for months at a time! 


A storage caddy is the perfect way to keep track of your important cleaning supplies, so you have one less step to worry about before doing the dishes on a busy weekday night.

6 - convenient wrap storage

Who would have guessed that a magazine holder could be an essential item in kitchen storage organization? This is a simple way to organize with cabinet doors – but it will come in handy if you lack drawer space. 


Not only that, but you won’t have to play Tetris every time you take a wrap box out of your drawers! With this simple storage idea, you can fit four wrap boxes side-by-side perfectly, which means they’re easy to access and easy put back in their place. 

7 - never lose another lid

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Tired of losing all the lids to your reusable food storage containers? As many of us are looking towards more sustainable choices, reusable glass or plastic containers are a staple in many homes!

However – we all know the pain of losing a lid. It makes the container essentially unusable! This simple storage idea from Better Homes & Gardens uses simple metal wall-mounted file holders. 

File holders can be picked up from most office organization stores, and are the perfect size and shape for storing your lids. 

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