Are you looking for kitchen inspiration for your own upcoming kitchen renovation or remodel? What better place to look to than Royalty! 


In this article we’ll look at Meghan Markle’s kitchen from her former Toronto home to help inspire – or you can contact us at Cerwood to learn about getting your dream kitchen today.

meghan markle's kitchen

A glimpse into Meghan Markle’s former Toronto kitchen; Image source: / Courtsey of Realtor

Meghan Markle’s Kitchen - Tour The Duchess' Former Toronto Kitchen

Take a look at some of the great pictures below from that showcases Meghan Markle’s kitchen from her former home located right in Toronto! 


This trendy kitchen boasts a number of contemporary and popular design trends that are easier (and less expensive) than you may think to incorporate into your own kitchen!

Minimalism: Simple, Bright, and Neat

cerwood cabinets

Markle’s former kitchen showcases a beautiful but simple design; Image source: / Courtsey of Realtor

Minimalism is in for 2019 – and probably for many years to come. This kitchen design is not overbearing, and is definitely easy on the eyes! It only features a few different colours – white, silver from the stainless steel appliances, and brown tones from the wooden table and stone backsplash. 


You’ll also notice that the counters are nearly completely free of any extra decor or additional storage items.  “Clutter-free counters” are a popular trend this year, possibly linked back to the Marie Kondo craze. 


A few items here and there for decor are great (see the beautiful decorative bowl on the table), but right now, a minimalist kitchen will hide extras – including small appliances like coffee makers and even your toaster. 


The cabinets themselves are sleek, simple, and super easy to clean. This is a surprisingly affordable style – it won’t be difficult or nearly as expensive as you may think to replicate this royal look. 


Remember, when pulling inspiration from others, it’s okay to still incorporate design trends that you love. Minimalism doesn’t have to be all-white or lack colour. There are many minimalist kitchens that incorporate a splash a colour without going overboard. See below for an example from our Cerwood gallery!

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean ‘all white’ everything!

It’s important to remember that Meghan Markle’s Toronto home went up for sale back in 2017 – and design trends can change fast! Although much of her kitchen is still completely in-line with 2019 trends, there are some new design trends that have popped up since her home hit the market. 


One of those trends is contrasting light and dark colours – whether you do so by installing dark flooring, installing two-tone cabinets, or mixing and matching cabinets and countertops (this design does both!) Often, minimalism is equated with ‘boring’ – but both Markle’s kitchen and the design above show that is far from the truth!

Natural Materials

meghan markle's kitchen

Natural wood and stone elements are trending this year; Image source: / Courtsey of Realtor

This year, a big trend in kitchen design is combining natural elements into the overall look of your kitchen. This can be done easily by adding in wood and stone design pieces. Even just a few natural touches or a new kitchen table can completely transform your kitchen.


As you can see from the image above, Meghan Markle’s kitchen from her former home not only includes a beautiful wooden table (perfect for the tighter space), but also exposed wooden shelves just under her cabinets. Combining wood and white is a huge design trend we’re just starting to see take off.  


Not only that, but the exposed shelves are also a popular trend we’re seeing grow over the last few years. Exposed or open shelving used to be a big no-no, but now many homeowners are embracing it as a way to display their favourite kitchen decor or simply to have more storage space. If you’re not sure how to organize your shelves or cabinets, here’s a great article with tips on kitchen organization!


If aren’t a huge fan of wood right on your cabinets, you may want to choose hardwood floors in your kitchen instead of traditional tile. Check out the design below to see a different take on exposed shelves and incorporating natural elements!

Hardwood floors are a great way to incorporate natural elements into your kitchen design

This kitchen from Cerwood’s gallery shows that there are multiple ways to include exposed shelving and natural elements into your kitchen.


Even choosing your wall colour, fixtures, and fabrics in earth tones like browns and greens can help bring a natural feel to your kitchen.

multi-use islands

Wood and stone elements are trending this year; Image source: / Courtsey of Realtor

Many homes in the heart of Toronto are fairly tight on space – and Meghan Markle’s former home is no exception! Her beautiful kitchen was designed perfectly for a smaller space – and that includes this multi-use table/island combination. 


Although the kitchen doesn’t have a traditional built-in island, this compact wooden table serves as the perfect eating space for two – or extra counter space when needed. Decor Aid recommends another method for using your island as a seating space:


“By extending your countertop over the edge of your kitchen island, you’ll easily add extra space for seating more guests while eliminating the need for a table if you are short on space.”


It’s also worth mentioning the beautiful stools seen in the image above – Decor Aid also notes that ‘statement stools’ are in this year! 


Whether your island doubles as your dinner table, or you use it just for counter space, adding bold, statement stools is a good choice when remodeling your kitchen. See another example from Cerwood’s gallery for another take on a multi-use island.

kitchen cabinets toronto

These industrial stools definitely make a statement, and the counter overhang works perfectly as an eating space

In general, kitchen islands remain a popular kitchen addition. They add more storage space, counter space, and social space! If you’re looking for more great ideas for your own new kitchen island, click here!

Get Your Dream Kitchen With Cerwood Custom Cabinetry!

After seeing Meghan’s Markle’s kitchen, your may be inspired to finally get the kitchen of your dreams. Fortunately, that dream may not be so far off! There are many ways you can incorporate similar design aspects into your own kitchen design to help you feel like royalty in your own kitchen! 


Cerwood Custom Cabinetry is dedicated to helping homeowners get the kitchen they’ve always wanted. We understand that cabinetry is one of the most important part of any kitchen, and we have the experience and expertise to provide you with the perfect cabinets for your taste and budget. 


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Whether you’re looking for a modern and trendy cabinet design like Markle’s beautiful kitchen, or prefer a rustic or traditional look, we will work with you to ensure your kitchen cabinetry is what you’ve always dreamed of!

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Counter space

At Cerwood Custom Cabinetry, we have been servicing the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Stratford region with exquisite custom cabinetry for your entire home for more than 25 years! 


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