In this article, we’ll take a look at 20 festive Christmas kitchen decor ideas to help you get in the holiday spirit! 


At Cerwood, we’ve helped customers get their dream kitchens for over 40 years – and we know how important a warm and cozy kitchen is during the holiday season. 


Here, we’ll look at how you can incorporate these decor ideas into your own kitchen this year! Let’s jump in!  

20 festive christmas kitchen decor ideas

1. wreaths over windows

Source:; photo by: Getty Images

Most kitchens have windows, perhaps over the counters or sinks or by your eating space. Utilize this bright spot to showcase your favourite holiday wreaths! A wreath can be inexpensive – and if you like DIY projects, you can even learn to make your own! If you do make your own wreath, why not get the whole family involved? Wreaths are easy to make and can be a lot of fun for the kids too.

2. christmas chandelier

Source:; photo by: The Home Depot

If you don’t have a hanging light or chandelier already over your table, this awesome festive piece will look amazing over your table! Or, you can try to incorporate a wreath or cute little ornaments into your existing lighting. Either way, it’ll look great and definitely add a Christmas touch to your kitchen space. 

3. evergreen tablescape

If you’ve never heard of a ‘tablescape’ before, you’ve probably at least seen one! A tablescape is a complex centrepiece design, often incorporating multiple pieces and items that come together perfectly. This festive Christmas kitchen decor idea is a great example of a beautiful tablescape you’ll be happy to show off to your friends. You can even choose to set up a tablescape on your kitchen island

4. decor in hidden places

Many of us end up with a mish-mash of small Christmas decorations – why not spread them out through the ‘hidden’ spaces in your kitchen? This awesome idea shows how you can add touches of festive decor all throughout your countertops and cabinetry!

5. use holiday-themed food storage

This idea not only helps decorate your kitchen, but is practical too! Bring out your holiday-themed cookware, food storage containers, and tins – and use them to store your favourite Christmas cookies and sweets! Or, simply place them on your countertops for cheerful decor accents!

6. hints of green

Source:; photo by: Erica George Diney

If subtle hints of festivity is more your thing, this Christmas kitchen decor idea is perfect for you! At first glance, it looks like your everyday kitchen. But then, upon a closer look, you can see garland, silver wreathes, and touches of green to really add some Christmas flair!

7. beautiful christmas tree

Source:; photo by: Colin Poole

If space allows, you may want to go with something like the beautiful design above! Adding a Christmas tree right in your kitchen or dining space will make a bold statement. You also won’t have to worry about adding too many other decorations, as your tree will definitely be the centre of attention! 

8. practical countertop display

This awesome Christmas kitchen decorating idea is simple and easy to recreate with whatever Christmas decorations you already have around your home! Not only that, but it’s practical too – you don’t have to remove your existing cutlery organizer or whatever else you may have on your countertop! 

9. put your pictures on display

Not sure how to spruce up your cabinets for the holiday season? Well, if you’re worried about having bare cabinets – you may love this idea! You can recreate this holiday picture and card collage with just clothespins and thick red ribbon! If you have kids, grandkids, or nieces or nephews, you can use this idea to display all of their adorable Christmas artwork!

10. snowy white kitchen

Most of us think of red and green when it comes to Christmas colours – but whites, blues, and even purples are a great choice too! if you already have a white kitchen with lots of natural light, you may want to play upon that for your Christmas kitchen decor. You can add hints of other colours (especially if some of your cabinetry is another colour), but really allow that crisp white look to be your main attraction!

11. gorgeous rustic design

Source: Source:; photo by: Colin Poole

You can feel how warm and cozy this beautiful kitchen is just from the pictures! It’s been perfectly decorated to match the rustic design of this unique space, with a beautiful yellow and green garland, lit-up miniature wooden tree, and touches of blue with the tablecloth and pieces on the table. 

12. elegant and simple

Source:; from:

This elegant kitchen shows how far a simple design can go! With matching tea towels and lots of wreathes and garland spread throughout the kitchen, you will definitely feel the holiday spirit when you’re in this kitchen!

13. Upcycled countertop decor

Source:; photo by: Sam Henderson

These adorable upcycled Christmas trees are an easy DIY project and will look great on your countertops – or even displayed on open shelves, placed as part of your tablescape, or put on top of your fridge! Learn how to make them yourself here!

14. go big or go home

We’ve featured a lot of simple and understated Christmas kitchen decor looks and styles – well, what about those of you who want to go 110% on the Christmas decor? This adorable display definitely doesn’t hold back – but it doesn’t feel overwhelming either! Everything ties together perfectly to create a cohesive (and cozy) design. 

15. add a pop of colour to your chairs

If you’re not quite sure where to put your decor – like a few matching wreathes – why not hang them on the back of your chairs? This is a great way to add a festive look to your kitchen without taking up too much wall or counter space. 

16. sparkling centrepieces

Source:; photo by: Sam Henderson

This Christmas kitchen decor idea is another simple and easy one to do yourself! All you need are some tea candles, mason jars, and glitter! Add some loose garland and pinecones, and you’ve got yourself a sparkly, Christmasy centrepiece – perfect to display on your table or kitchen island. Learn how to make these glittery mason jars here!

17. festive coffee station

Source: Pinterest; from: Luv Lee Creations

If you have a little one-stop coffee spot in your kitchen, this is the perfect opportunity to go bold! Since it’s a small space, you can get away with bright and colourful designs, as it won’t overwhelm your room. It’s also a great excuse to bring out your favourite holiday mugs. 

18. classic red & white display

This adorable rustic display has a lot going on! If you want to pull off a design like this, it’s best to stick with just one or two colours. This design has hints of red and white throughout, which helps tie everything together and makes it look like everything was meant to be together!

19. cute christmas decor

Source:; photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

If you’re looking for a way to add a bit of a whimsical look to your kitchen, this awesome DIY snowman is the perfect thing for you! This super cute little guy can act as a unique centrepiece on your kitchen table, and looks great with a black, white, and red Christmas kitchen design. This is also a great design to make with your kids – it’s fun, easy, and your kids will love having a new ‘friend’ at the table!

20. non-traditional colours

Not a big fan of red and green? Fear not! You can still get the Christmas kitchen you’ve always wanted! This bright and colourful kitchen shows that you can decorate with any colour you want – as long as you get a bit creative!

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