Today, we’ll take a look at 25 of the most genius custom kitchen island ideas to help inspire your own kitchen remodel or renovation!



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This list will help you see all the different types of custom kitchen islands available, and how they can help increase your storage space and improve the look of your kitchen! Let’s get started now!

25 genius custom kitchen island ideas

1. modern open shelving

This awesome custom kitchen island design is sleek, modern, and shows just how you can make the most of a small kitchen space. It not only acts as an eating space, but includes beautiful open shelves and a stove top! 

2. repurposed table

Source:; photo by: Max Kim-Bee

If you’re looking for a great way to save space and add some flair to your kitchen, this awesome table has been converted into a beautiful kitchen island! You’ll get more storage space and add a unique look to your kitchen.

3. bold splash of colour

A kitchen island can be a great way to bring a bold splash of colour into your home – without it feeling overwhelming! This brilliant red cabinet does just that, and helps tie together some other hints of red throughout the kitchen – such as the shades and open cabinet background colour! If you want a splash of colour but the rest of your cabinetry is in great condition – adding a new island is a great way to get that look without a full renovation! 

4. cool colours

Just like a pop of red can add a bold splash to your room, a bright blue or green cabinet can add a splash too, while giving your room a ‘cool’ feel. This large island has space to eat, tons of storage space, and a built-in sink. 

5. island on wheels

If you have a larger kitchen space and would like to switch things up every once in a while, a kitchen island on wheels may be the perfect choice for you! This awesome design combines wood and metal elements, and looks completely natural in this rustic kitchen. 

6. spectacular marble island

Source:; photo by: Marisa Vitale

An island can be whatever you want it to be – that’s the joy of a custom kitchen project! This spectacular marble island acts as a full table, food preparation station, and includes open shelving for storage. 

7. double islands

Source:; photo by: Gibson International

This ultra-modern kitchen makes perfect use of its floor space by including not one, but two custom kitchen islands! This genius idea ensures this kitchen space retains its modern look while also providing tons of eating, storage, and work space.

8. multi-use custom kitchen island

Talk about a genius idea! This custom island may be on the smaller side, but it is packed full! It includes a dishwasher, additional cabinet space, an electrical socket, a sink, and even an opening for a toaster oven or microwave! 

9. awesome storage solution

If storage is all you need, a new island can help significantly increase your storage space and help you get more organized. This classic island shows how much more storage space you can add to your kitchen with the addition of an island!

10. futuristic island with seating

Source:; photo by: Eric Soltan Architectural Photography; RES4

This island may look like it’s from a sci-fi movie, but it’s real! This futuristic, ultra-modern kitchen island extends and wraps around to create an awesome seating area. With a kitchen like this, you’ll be sure to ‘wow’ your guests!

11. small square island

Many of the islands we’ve featured above are large and rectangular, but if you’re tight on space, that doesn’t mean you need to skip the island! This custom kitchen island fits perfectly in its kitchen. It has a unique design, and adds more counter space without taking up too much floor space.

12. antique table island

Source:; photo by: Annie Schlechter 

If you love the idea of a unique and rustic look for your kitchen, this beautiful antique table converted into an island may be the inspiration you need! When creating a custom kitchen island, it’s good to get creative!

13. hidden seating

Source:; photo by: David A. Land

Sometimes, additional seating like barstools can get in the way if you’re a little tight on space. This genius kitchen island design has two perfect openings so you can hide your seating when not in use!

14. outside-the-box island

Think outside the box – literally! This island design steps away from that traditional rectangular or ‘boxy’ shape you’ll normally find islands in. Its curvy design is modern, futuristic, and is another great way to hide seating when not in use.

15. rustic stove island


This awesome rustic kitchen island functions as fully-functional stove. If you’re looking for a European vibe, this island may be the perfect choice for you!

16. tiered custom kitchen island

This custom kitchen island shows that you can have a separate eating space and food preparation space – both on the same island! A tiered design will allow you to easily make this separation – plus it looks great too!

17. rounded island

Although a square or rectangular kitchen layout is common – not everyone has a traditionally shaped kitchen! This genius idea is a good reminder that your custom island can fit even the most unique space.

18. all-in-one small island

Source:; photo by: Dresner Design

Islands are not just for large kitchens or huge families. This custom kitchen island design is perfect for a single homeowner or those who live in a small apartment or condo. 

19. cottage inspired island

Source:; photo by: Brian Woodcock

This beautiful and rustic kitchen island is made from reclaimed wood, and really gives a ‘cottagey’ feel to the kitchen! If you like the look of a rustic island, you can get the same look with a new island – many come in a ‘weathered’ finish to achieve this look! 

20. built-in table

Source:; photo by: Houlihan Lawrence 

We’ve featured a number of islands with eating space – but this genius design is a multi-functional island, including a traditional island space with an extending countertop that acts as a full-sized table!

21. simple wooden design

This simple kitchen island shows that you can easily have a multi-use space. When needed, you can simply move the barstools out of the way to access additional storage space. When not in use, the stools tuck nicely under the countertops!

22. bench-style island

Source:; photo by: Victoria Pearson

This unique custom kitchen island idea is another great example that works well in a smaller space. It looks great and provides additional storage space, while its airy design adds to the open and spacious feel of the kitchen. 

23. formal style

This island looks almost like a luxurious antique dresser! If modern is not really your thing, a custom island can be designed to your unique preference! If formal is your ideal, go for it! Even if you have a modern kitchen, a formal island may be a great way to integrate two contrasting looks. 

24. super sleek and simple

Source:; photo by: Chipper Hatter 

A sleek and simple kitchen island can give you a modern look, if that’s what you’re going for! This design includes a beautiful sink, eating space, and room for storage!

25. built-in cutting board

This awesome custom kitchen island design shows a one-stop space for all of your food preparation needs! It even includes a custom-fit cutting board and tons of storage for all of your food prep supplies!

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