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30+ Amazing Ideas For Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Make the most of your space with creative and practical bathroom storage. Get ideas for your own bathroom storage cabinets from the gallery below!

Image source: HGTV.com

skip the double sink

Though a large master bathroom often comes with enough space for two sinks, make the most of your counter space by skipping the double sink and choosing a single sink instead! That way, you have significantly more space to keep your essentials right on the counter.

Cabinetry by Cerwood


luxurious open cabinets

If simple storage space is all you’re after, this luxurious look may be right for you! Instead of making the most of floor space, this bathroom design makes the most of wall space with custom-made cabinetry. This is the perfect space to store towels, bathroom supplies, and even put a few favourite decor pieces on display.

Image source: HGTV.com

ultra modern masterpiece

One thing is for sure – this ultra-modern bathroom is not lacking storage space! The full-width cabinetry allows tons of room for storing large items, such as towels or even cleaning supplies, while the small upper-cabinets are perfect for storing make-up, tooth brushes, and other small toiletries that you may want to keep off your counter space!

utilize under cabinet space

Some bathroom cabinets come with a small gap beneath the drawers or doors. This is a great place to store items like extra soap, shampoo bottles, or boxes of toiletry items! You may want to invest in some additional bins or trays to help keep the space as organized as possible.  

Cabinets by Cerwood

perfect symmetry

If you are tired of sharing precious bathroom cabinet storage space with your spouse or other family members, this design is a great way to each ensure person has their own space! It’s a unique take on a traditional look, and will ensure both people feel like they have enough space to themselves.

labelled storage boxes

If your vanity lacks separate drawers or cabinet space, you can still organize and create your own divisions with a bit of creativity! This ultra-organized idea for bathroom storage cabinets is simple yet effective. All you need are a number of bins (many you can find for less than a few bucks at the dollar store!) and a marker! 

Image source: HGTV.com

low open shelves

Another example of how to make the most of your ‘under cabinet’ space, these beautiful wooden cabinets have intentional open-style shelving at the bottom of the unit. This design is almost reminiscent of a hotel – and will definitely make you feel like your bathroom is your own personal oasis, while providing you with additional storage space!

Image source: bhg.com

waste no space

This amazing contemporary design truly lets no amount of cabinet space go to waste. Though this cabinet design is not by any means oversized, it still contains 20 drawers! You will have to look for things to store in a design like this – and you definitely won’t have to worry about running out of room for your bathroom items. 

Cabinetry by Cerwood

tall & traditional

Another example of a symmetrical design, these attractive and practical bathroom storage cabinets have a little bit of everything. The high handles on the cabinet doors also give the style a tall and distinguished look, which looks great in this traditional bathroom design. This unit includes drawers, doors, and open shelves – so you really have a place to store your items of all shapes and sizes.

Image source: bhg.com

outside the box

Think cabinetry is the only way to create bathroom storage cabinets? Think again! This outside-the-box idea uses an old dresser as well as a cabinet unit on wheels to provide more storage space for this rustic bathroom. 

Image source: Milly Eaton

modern vanity

Most people associate vanities with a rustic or traditional look – but this built-in vanity shows that you can get the same thing with a modern twist! Not only that, but this vanity comes with tons of storage and counter space – as well as additional wall cabinets to store small items or make-up!

sliding storage

This unique bathroom storage cabinet idea contains shallow wall storage with a sliding mirror, giving you easy access to all of your items stored inside. This is the perfect place to keep an extra roll of toilet paper (or two), as well as face cloths, soap, and so much more. You can match it to your existing cabinets, or choose a totally new colour or style to add a splash!

storage niche

Have some unused wall space, or a corner niche in your bathroom that’s sitting empty? Make use of that space by installing cabinetry! Or, if you are looking for a more simple and cost-effective solution, install a few floating shelves – and you’ve instantly created your own simple bathroom storage cabinets!

Image Source: Joey

hidden shelves

The first thing you may be drawn to when you see this unique bathroom design is the large open shelves that take the place of where a cabinet door would usually be! However, if you take a closer look around the bathroom, you will find a number of hidden shelves – perfect for storing items and displaying your favourite decor. Above the toilet, there is a small shelf space, and the mirror contains a lip that acts as a shelf as well.

Image source: Christa Grover

small bathroom storage

If you don’t have a large bathroom, you may be worried about lacking space for your bathroom storage cabinets. However, there are lots of great small bathroom ideas out there – including this design shown above! If you feel like you need a bit of extra cabinet space, consider adding a matching cabinet above your toilet. It’s unassuming, but still looks great and adds to the overall bathroom design.

Cabinetry by Cerwood

spacious and bright

Even if your bathroom is not as spacious as this design shown above, you can still get a similar look by filling most of an entire wall with cabinetry. This unique design includes cabinets located on both sides of the main tub and shower. This ensures that there is lots of space for storage!

Image source: Vecislavas Popa

full-wall cabinetry closet

If your bathroom has an uneven layout, you may end up with nooks that aren’t being used for much at all. This bathroom design shows a great way to make the most of uneven spaces! The simple vanity matches perfectly with the full-sized cabinetry located right beside the shower. This could even be used as your entire linen closet!  

Image source: Pinterest.com

angular shelves

By this point, we hope that you see how many different ways you can make the most of unique bathroom spaces and unfilled nooks and niches! This gorgeous wooden shelf matches perfectly with the bathroom storage cabinets, and is a great space to store items in your bathroom.

pedestal skirt

If you have a pedestal sink, the space underneath is perfect for adding storage bins or baskets. However, you may not want to have those items on display for all your guests to see! Adding an adorable ‘skirt’ to your pedestal sink means you can take full advantage of this storage space without making your bathroom look messy or disorganized. 

Image source: Homebnc.com

simple floor cabinet

Another great idea for storage if you have smaller cabinets or a pedestal sink – adding an additional cabinet unit is perfect for increasing your storage space. If you choose a narrow cabinet, it won’t stick out too far from the wall either – ensuring you don’t take up too much floor space!

Image source: Homebnc.com

mirrored medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinets are a great way to increase your bathroom storage space. A mirrored medicine cabinet means you can use up that traditional above-sink space for both your mirror, and more storage. This gorgeous design is sleek, modern, and a great place to store small bathroom items. 

Image source: Pinterest.com

floor to ceiling cabinets

Stacking cabinets is a great way to make use of your wall space. The space above your bathroom cabinets is often left empty, with just a mirror (or medicine cabinet), often centred above your vanity or sink. This modern bathroom include cabinets from the floor all the way to the ceiling, leaving no empty space! If you have a smaller bathroom and you need more storage room, this may be the perfect solution for you.. 

Image source: Christa Grover

cabinets in-between

Even a large bathroom layout doesn’t guarantee optimal use of storage space. With large bathrooms, there are often pockets and spaces that are left empty. However, if you need additional storage, consider a design like the one above! The cabinetry takes a ‘break’ to make room for the lovely tub, and then continues on the other side!

Image source: HGTV.com

countertop cubby

This pull-away countertop cubby is an awesome way to keep your counters free of clutter, and make more room for storage space in your cabinets. A cubby is a great addition to your existing bathroom storage cabinets, and a good place to keep items you use regularly – like a hair straightener or blow dryer!

Image source: homebnc.com

around the toilet

A less-traditional look, this thin, practical, and attractive bathroom storage cabinet is made to fit directly behind your toilet. A great place to store toilet paper, tissues, and other toiletries, if you’re lacking wall space or don’t have many cabinets in your bathroom. This idea could help take the strain off your linen closet!

Image source: Pinterest.com

rustic vanity

If you love DIY and are handy, you may want to consider creating your own bathroom storage cabinets! This awesome rustic vanity looks great with the surrounding decor – not to mention all that extra space below to keep extra towels and toiletries.  

Image source: ashleywinndesign.com via vangion.com

a little bit of everything

Can’t decide between open shelves or cabinetry? Both are a solid choice for any bathroom design – so why not have both? This beautiful cabinet has open shelves to put your favourite decor on display. It also includes a full cabinet to keep your bathroom items that you don’t want to showcase to all your guests.

Image source: bhg.com

modern minimalism

Another take on floating shelves, this modern bathroom design shows that minimalism definitely doesn’t have to be boring! When many people think about minimalism, they think ‘all white’ – but that’s simply not the case. You can have a splash of colour, unique patterns and textures, and lots of space for storage all with a minimalistic design. 

Image source: ashleywinndesign.com

Elegant corner cabinetry

Don’t let your corner space go to waste! If you aren’t sure where you’ll find the room to add extra cabinetry, consider a corner cabinet. Most bathrooms don’t use up all corner space, so it’s a good spot to add extra storage. You can buy corner cabinets at many home stores, or you can have them custom-made to fit your space perfectly.

Image source: bhg.com

under-sink space

This traditional bathroom design contains a great deal of storage space, varied with both cabinets and drawers. Having cabinets of various sizes and drawers can help you store a wide variety of items, meaning you can keep more right in your bathroom instead of your linen closet. The large opening under the sinks also means you can store items (such as extra toilet paper) underneath your vanity if need be! 

Image source: HGTV.com via Christine Suzuki

upper cabinets

These wooden cabinets provide all the space you need to store pretty much anything you can imagine! This is another great example of combining open shelves with cabinetry. Though this style is fairly rustic, the same idea can be applied to nearly every style and unique taste!

sliding shelves

Pull-out shelves or sliding shelves are often used in the kitchen – but did you know that they can be used in your bathroom too? Custom made sliding shelves are a great way to not only get more storage space back in your bathroom, but also make your cabinets much more accessible! Say goodbye to awkward bending, reaching, and grabbing that extra bottle or hand soap or face towel from the back of your cabinet!

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