How do you know when it’s time for a kitchen renovation? Here are 7 sure signs. Find help to update your kitchen now!

7 signs it's time for a kitchen renovation

Is It Time for a Kitchen Renovation?

Not sure whether it is time for a kitchen renovation? Here’s some help in making that decision.

Sign #1: Your Kitchen Has an Outdated Design 

How do you know if your kitchen design is outdated? Has it ever been updated? Is your kitchen a throwback to the 80’s when your home was built with white tiled countertops, honey oak cabinets, and appliances that don’t match? Or does it go back even further to the ’60s and ’70s, with the iconic orange and yellow wallpaper and almond or green appliances?

You may think that retro is in, but even retro needs an update to make your space feel inviting and modern. Updating your kitchen with new cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and fresh colours will give it a more modern aesthetic and can make you feel happier too!

Is your kitchen stuck in the past?

Sign #2: Your Kitchen Cabinets are Worn or Damaged

Do you struggle with kitchen cabinet doors that won’t close properly, missing handles, or a lazy susan that has stopped turning around? Do your cabinets look like they have seen better days and are starting to really show their age? Nothing lasts forever, and eventually, your kitchen cabinets will begin to wear out. If that is the case with yours, then maybe it’s time you replaced them. 

Sign #3: Your Kitchen Isn’t Functional

Maybe the layout of your kitchen makes it awkward to use. Do you find that you are constantly having to move back and forth from your fridge to your stove to your pantry, or that you are tripping over your helpers as you try to prepare a meal with your family?

In the past, one person usually prepared the meals, but with today’s busy lifestyle, it’s more common to have multiple members of the family working together at the same time in your kitchen. Because of this, it may make more sense to have “work zones” set up to make room for everyone. It may be time to rethink the overall layout of your kitchen, and design one that is more functional for your family.

This might include installing a large island that will give you additional workspace as well as extra seating and storage. A sink installed in your island can also make it more functional!

kitchen island

A kitchen island can give you an extra work zone when preparing meals

Sign #4: Your Kitchen Lacks Storage and Counter Space 

If you are like most homeowners today, you probably want to declutter your home – including your kitchen. According to a survey done by Houzz, 75% of homeowners admit to being determined to declutter their kitchen surfaces. Decluttering your kitchen can help you feel better by giving you a sense of order and control. 

If you currently use your counter space to store your various small appliances and tools, then it may be time for a kitchen renovation.

One way to get rid of the clutter is to add more storage space to your kitchen. Many homeowners feel that storage is their biggest priority for their kitchen, making cabinets a very important part of your kitchen renovation. 82% of kitchen renovations done include upgrading kitchen cabinets, and 39% include adding a kitchen island as well. 

Adding extra cabinets is a great way to get more storage space. If your walls are already full, then an island with cabinets can be a great option. Plus, an island will give you extra counter space too.

You can also choose built-in features with your cabinetry, such as pullout garbage cans, spices, utensil and dish organizers, and lazy susans to help you get rid of the excess and get more organized. It’s a good idea to get advice from a professional kitchen designer who can help you strategically design your kitchen to maximize the space that you have.

Built-in storage

Getting built-in organization pieces in your cabinet will help you organize the clutter

Sign #5: Your Kitchen Is Difficult to Clean

Older wood cabinets are difficult to clean. You may find that they have become sticky and greasy over time and no matter what you try, you just can’t seem to remove the built-up grunge. If you are tired of trying to keep your wood clean, then laminate may be a better choice, as it doesn’t have porous wood grains that absorb dirt and grease.

If you have wallpaper, you probably find that it is almost impossible to keep clean – even the kind you can scrub. A tiled backsplash is so much more practical and easier to keep sparkling clean!

Your sink is your starting point for keeping your kitchen clean. If you find that it is too high, too low, or too deep to work at it comfortably, maybe it’s time for a sink adjustment. If you are tall, then a higher deeper sink will work well for you. However, if you are shorter, you will probably a higher sink quite uncomfortable and difficult to use for any length of time. 

cleaning supplies

If your kitchen it too difficult to clean, it might be time to renovate

Sign #6: You Want to Increase Your Property Value 

The kitchen is probably one of the biggest selling features of your home. Doing a kitchen renovation will usually increase the value of your home and make it much easier to sell. You can expect a 75% to 100% return on investment on a major kitchen remodel. 

But why wait until you are ready to sell to have a beautiful, modern kitchen? Doing a kitchen renovation now means that you and your family can reap the benefits, not just the person who is going to buy your home. If you choose high quality, custom cabinets, then your kitchen will keep its value for years to come. Ask your designer about features that are easy to update when it comes time to sell so that your investment will be preserved.


A kitchen renovation can increase the value of your home

7. You Lack the Desire to Use Your Kitchen Because of Its Appearance 

Do you take one look at your kitchen and think, “I don’t even want to go in there, let alone spend time cooking in it?” The atmosphere around you is a big factor in motivating you to do something. A dingy, disorganized kitchen with limited cupboard space does very little to inspire you to be creative with your cooking. Doing a kitchen renovation could make all the difference in the world. You may even start to look forward to cooking!

If you enjoy cooking in your kitchen, then you will probably tend to do more cooking. You may even take up baking. In addition, food that has been prepared from scratch is much healthier for you and your family than heating up processed foods or eating out. You control the ingredients that go into your recipes; you can choose fresh ingredients, plus you control the amount of salt and sugar. 

Also, cooking from scratch is much cheaper than eating out, so in no time you can even recoup some of your kitchen renovation costs.

healthy food

Cooking from scratch is much healthier and less expensive than eating out

Doing a Kitchen Renovation: You Can Trust Cerwood for Your Custom Cabinets 

At Cerwood Custom Cabinetry, we help you with your kitchen renovation. Our expert designers can make your kitchen a truly beautiful space. We have a wide variety of design options to make your kitchen perfectly match your needs. They include:

  • A large selection of wood species and finishes to choose from
  • Custom stain & paint options
  • Decorative & functional hardware to set your design apart from the ordinary
  • Built-in storage systems to suit any preference and for ease of use

We also offer free estimates including a design package complete with a quote and 3-D drawings of the proposed finished look. Contact Cerwood today for your free, no obligation estimate.

Cerwood has been servicing the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Stratford region with exquisite custom cabinetry for your entire home for more than 25 years! All of our custom cabinetry is manufactured locally which means that when you choose us, you will receive quicker more efficient service and you will be supporting your local economy.

Our own installers will install your custom cabinetry; we do not subcontract this job out. That means that our installers are completely familiar with our products, so they know how to install them quickly and correctly.

Other Services Cerwood Offers

Not only do we design, manufacture and install custom cabinetry for your kitchen, but we can also help you with every other room in your home. Whether you need cabinets for your:

We work with you to custom design the perfect units for your space. We can even build beautiful cabinets for your garage, workshop, home office, or bar. If you can dream it, we can build it. 

In addition, we can provide you will quality servicing for your existing cabinets.

bathroom cabinets

Custom Cabinets Kitchener: We Are Conveniently Located to Better Serve You

Cerwood Custom Cabinetry’s showroom is conveniently located in Kitchener, Ontario. We are happy to service the Tri-cities, Stratford and the surrounding region. You can call us to book an appointment with one of our professional designers or you can just stop by. We always love to have walk-ins!

Kitchener Showroom
26 Franklin Street S.
Kitchener, ON N2C 1R4

Showroom Hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00PM (Please call ahead to verify summer hours)

“We are loving the kitchen, and how friendly the crew are when they have come to install.”

Ashley R.

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