Blue is in this year – and there are tons of great ways you can integrate this trend! Continue reading to see 30 amazing blue kitchen cabinet ideas – or contact us at Cerwood to learn how you can get your dream kitchen now!

30 stunning blue kitchen cabinet ideas

blue kitchen islands

Islands have always been a popular kitchen design trend for large and spacious kitchens, but into 2019, we’re seeing them pop up even in small spaces! They often act as a multi-purpose space – an area for cooking, eating, and even doing homework or office work.


Blue is the perfect colour for this space, as it’s said to bring feelings of calmness, productivity, and stability!


If you want to incorporate blue kitchen cabinets, but would prefer a simple look for your main cabinetry, adding in a blue island is the perfect way to add a splash of colour and a modern look to your home. 

1. Moody Blue With White Countertop

This beautiful steel blue island pairs perfectly with the white floor, counters, and cabinets
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2. Stand-Out Light Blue

This blue island and surrounding cabinets stand out from the pink and gold accents

Image source:

3. Muted Blue With Rustic Decor

This muted blue island looks perfect with both rustic and modern kitchen elements

Image source:

4. Bright and Bold Statement

A bright and bold blue island is the perfect way to add a big splash of colour
Image from Cerwood’s Gallery 

5. Blue-Green Island

Feel free to play around with the colour spectrum; consider incorporating hints of green!
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6. Blue With Natural Elements

This unique design incorporates wood, copper, and stone elements into one perfect island
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7. Soft Blue Island

This soft blue island pairs well with the bright white stools and brass lights
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8. Simple Navy Island

This simple navy blue island adds an elegant look to this traditional kitchen
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9. Multi-Purpose Island

This large, multi-purpose blue island doubles as a full seating space for meals
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10. Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse kitchens are still trending – and this island is a great blend of both  traditional and modern style
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11. Soft Teal Blue

This soft teal blue island shows that blue doesn’t have to mean bold
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beautiful blue kitchen cabinets

Blue cabinets are modern, sleek, and add a touch of colour to your kitchen without feeling overwhelming. Here are some of the best blue kitchen cabinet ideas – from soft blue tones to bright blues to everywhere in between!

12. Metallic and Bright

Pair your blue cabinets with metallic finishes to get this look
Image source:

13. Two-Tone Cabinets

Blue on the bottom and grey on top – these colours pair perfectly together
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14. Rustic, Matching Kitchen Set

This rustic blue kitchen is complete with matching chairs, cabinets, and island
Image source:

15. Blue Kitchen Open Cabinets

If you aren’t ready to commit to full blue cabinets, consider blue open cabinets or shelves!
Image source:

16. Shiny And Bright As Can Be

If bold is your thing, these bright blue cabinets are sure to inspire!
Image source:

17. Deep Blue & Gold

This deep blue cabinetry set is sure to make a statement!
Image source:

18. Ultra-Modern Minimalism

If farmhouse or rustic is not your style, check out this awesome modern design!
Image source:

19. Soft Shaker Cabinets

This two-toned kitchen makes the most of their beautiful, soft blue shaker cabinets
Image source: via The Shaker Kitchen Company

20. Blue and Black Kitchen

Blue pairs well with both white and dark colours – including this black backsplash!
Image source:; Alex Lukey

21. Sleek and Modern

This dark blue kitchen proves that navy looks great in modern designs too!
Image source:

22. Stainless Steel and Bright Blue

This small but mighty kitchen shows just how far a bit of blue can go!
Image source:; Mia Baxter Smail

23. White Island; Blue Cabinets

This design shows the opposite look of some designs featured above!
Image source:

24. Blue With Open Shelves

The blue cabinets pair well with the barstools and perfectly organized open shelf layout!

Image source:; Mikkel Vang

25. Wood + Two-Tone Cabinets

This design includes many elements, including two blue tones and wood!
Image source:

26. Classic Farmhouse In Blue

This classic farmhouse style kitchen is made even better with beautiful blue cabinets
Image source:

27. Bold Accent Cabinets

Another example to show you don’t need a lot of blue to make a bold statement
Image source:; Brady Architectural Photography

28. Whimsical Kitchen

The bright blue island and cabinets add a fun and whimsical feel to this kitchen
Image source: via

29. Blue From Head to Toe

From the floor to the ceiling, this kitchen incorporates blue throughout!
Image source:

30. Layered Blue Cabinets

This shiny, sleek, and multi-layered cabinetry design is sure to ‘wow’ your guests!
Image source:; Simon Upton

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