In this article, we’ll clarify what it means when you hear someone talk about a “10×10 Kitchen.”

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We’ll take a close look at a 10×10 kitchen, and how this sample size is used to simplify cabinetry costs and design aspects. Let’s get started now!  

l-shaped kitchen
A real L-Shaped kitchen showing a common 10x10 layout with island

what is a 10x10 kitchen?

10×10 kitchen is a simple, sample kitchen design created to help homeowners compare cabinet prices. 

The design is L-shaped and usually shows everything you’ll find in your kitchen, including lower and upper cabinets, appliances, flooring, and surrounding windows or doorways. 

The 10×10 kitchen design is a standard that allows you to easily compare a variety of cabinet styles and price points. Your builder will use the 10×10 kitchen design to help you narrow down your choices within your budget. 

For example, since the sample kitchen design stays the same size, you can compare how much different cabinet materials, types of wood and stain, or styles of cabinet will cost you. 

how to use the 10x10 layout

Fortunately, you don’t have to do much to take advantage of the 10×10 kitchen layout sample prices! Your builder or contractor will come up with blueprints and design for you.

Then, you can use the sample to compare a variety of different cabinetry styles. See the example below for what a 10×10 kitchen blueprint sample could look like. 


An actual blueprint will include information such as the dimensions of each cabinet and will have each section labelled by a code.   

Once you have your blueprint and/or 3D sample created, it’s easy to start to compare costs for cabinets! 


For example, this blueprint contains three sets of various sized bottom cabinets, two sets of upper cabinets and an upper corner cabinet. 


When you start to compare your potential custom cabinetry, you may get a list like this sample below: 

Lower-End Custom Cabinetry Price (per linear foot)
Mid-Range Custom Cabinetry Price (per linear foot)
High-End Custom Cabinetry Price (per linear foot)

This estimate does not provide an estimate for your actual kitchen layout, but for the 10×10 sample that you and your builder have created. 


So, in this case, lower end custom cabinetry would cost $10,000 in total for a 10×10 kitchen, and high-end custom cabinetry for a 10×10 kitchen would cost $24,000, according to costs per linear foot estimates provided by HGTV. Keep in mind the average total cost for custom cabinetry is approximately $18,000. 


Though this doesn’t give you an estimate for your actual kitchen, this is still useful information going forward. As you can compare your kitchen size and layout to the 10×10 layout, it will give you a good idea how much your new cabinets will actually cost, and it offers an easy comparison between all of your options. 


When your builder provides you with real blueprints and estimates, you will often have significantly more options than we’ve shown above! You will get to see a wide range of materials, styles, and designs, and compare them all. 

other ways to get cabinetry ideas

Getting a 10×10 sample kitchen from your builder is best way to compare various cabinetry costs for your upcoming kitchen renovation. However, that is often one of the last steps taken before you make a decision and begin your reno.

If you are still in the planning stage and haven’t quite decided on what you want just yet, it’s a good idea to first do some brainstorming – and one of the best ways is to find online inspiration! You can check out sites such as Pinterest or HGTV to get ideas, or browse through local builder’s websites.

Scroll through some the images from Cerwood’s gallery below to find some kitchen inspiration you may need!

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